Dr. Michael Dean Clarinet Studio Policies

Dr. Michael Dean

Clarinet Performing, Teaching and Consulting

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Contact. 682-888-7639 (cell); clarinetmiketexas@yahoo.com; www.clarinetmike.com. Parents and students should check their email regularly for schedule changes and other information.

Lessons. Lessons are for a half hour or an hour slot once a week. The rate per half hour unit is $_________. (Hour lesson price is same as two half hour units.)  Advanced students are strongly encouraged to take hour lessons.

Practice Expectations. Normal expectation for students is two to four 30-minute practice sessions per day (5-6 days per week) with short breaks (at least 10-15 minutes) in between sessions. However, beginning, young junior high, remedial, and returning students will practice less to start. For suggestions on how to practice, go to www.clarinetmike.com and click on “Resources.”

Required Materials.
- Quality clarinet, mouthpiece, ligature, reeds, etc.
- Metronome and tuner
- All lesson music, etudes, etc. must be purchased or ordered immediately after assignment
- Other materials/equipment as directed by Dr. Dean

Recommended Materials.
- SmartMusic, a computer-based practice tool available at www.smartmusic.com
- Vandoren Reed Holder (or similar) and Rico ReedVitalizer (58% Humidity)
- # 400 Black Sandpaper (or equivalent)

. All lessons must be paid in advance. Payment must be made on the first lesson of the month for all the lessons in the month. Pay by cash or check made out to “Michael Dean.” Payment using PayPal is also available. If using PayPal, please add an additional 75 cents to each lesson to cover the service charge. Also, please let me know you are using PayPal, so I can adjust the online invoicing to reflect the correct amount charged.

Attendance: Students must arrive on time and be warmed up prior to the lesson, if possible. 

Cancellation/Make Ups. Recurring or late cancellation of lessons is prohibited, except for illness and emergency situations. 48-hour notice (a week is requested) must be given to receive credit for a future lesson. Lesson rescheduling will only occur at the discretion and availability of Dr. Dean. If Dr. Dean misses a lesson, credit for a future lesson will be given.

Suspension of Lessons: Any chronic lack of practice, poor attitude, tardiness, lesson cancellation, lack of contact, etc. can be grounds for suspension or termination of lessons by Dr. Dean.

Calendar. Parents and students can check lesson schedule, payments, credits, and other information online. Go to www.clarinetmike.com, scroll down and click on “New Student Registration.” This will take you to a portal  to enter my Music Teacher’s Helper account.


NOTE: Please contact Dr. Dean with any questions, etc. Policies above and elsewhere are subject to revision and adjustment by Dr. Dean.